Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A different sort of sissy...

There are various types of sissies, and not all want to suck cock. No, for some sissies it is more a lesbian thing. They want to be accepted as a woman and be with a woman. These sissies are not looking for humiliation--they are looking for entrance into the sensual world. I will converse further regarding this type of sissy at a future time.

Today I am adding a photo of another type of sissy. Sissyslut Gus is very much into humiliation and pain. In fact, one might class him as a pain-sissy slut. I am adding him to this blog because he does wear the clothes, and has definitely pushed 'common sense' out of the window (as so many sissies like to do).

This sissy has done the most diabolic things to his body and to his little dick in order to get a chuckle from me. He has been with me for quite a few years, and I have to say he has only got worse under my guidance. Heavens knows where he would be without me! I have whipped him, beaten him, paddled him, and tried my best to make him cry, (he has a very high pain threshold). I have had his nipples clamped, poured wax over his little penis and balls, and used many an object, from household to homemade, as instruments of pain upon his body. I have had him bound and tied, weighted down at his balls, and so much more, and yet... he comes crawling back for more and more.

I have come to know much about my little slut, and I know that in his regular everyday life he is one of the boys, working in a field where love and care are necessary. I commend him for that. I am also of the opinion that he is a social guy and liked by his Friends. They often call him while his arse is being spanked. He has a wonderful girlfriend who knows nothing of how perverse he is, and... it's a jolly good thing too. She would probably feel sick and dump him. And this is where I enter in and make sure she doesn't need to be bothered by his peccadilloes.

As his Mistress, I can be amused by him, feel no qualms in using him, and actually take care of him in his need to humiliate himself before a woman. I can do this and remain at a safe distance from his regular life. Left to his own devices, (especially this little sissy slut) he would probably put everything he has worked for in jeopardy, including the love of his life. You see, he has this little thing, a kind of restless craving, that excites him and could get him into trouble. A little thing beginning with B. Any guesses? Blackmail.

It can be a dangerous thing, and he is just silly enough to get excited by the prospect of being blackmailed and exposed. Silly sissy. Of course, this is in his horny state of mind. For instance, I have tons of really humiliating photos of him in full view, face exposed, and email address of girlfriend, work email, telephone numbers of various people, blah blah blah... Now, all that information in the wrong hands could be... Well yes, dangerous. You see now what I mean by 'heavens knows where he would be without me'.

Anyway, this little sissy doesn't desire to suck cock for a Mistress. In fact, excuse the pun--it's never come up. We play a different game, and both enjoy the antics of the game because it works for both, just on different levels. Of course, the levels are obvious--Mistress on top! I see no point in trying to persuade someone to do something I know deep down they will not enjoy... or learn to enjoy.

As I go forward with this blog, I hope, through my little tribe of sissies, to show that although the theme is usually familiar, every sissy is, in fact, quite unique.

The reader here will also learn that I am never always the same either. As long as I am having fun on my terms, I can enjoy many a different sissy and many a different kink.


Anonymous said...

I really am a lucky little sissy!

Anonymous said...

Gus is hoping that his stupidity does not now result in people seeing his pathetic face and learning who he is!