Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Learning to walk in heels

Without training, walking in high heels can be difficult for the sissy. It is a tried and true fact that practice, practice, practice is required in order to walk with confidence and a feminine flair in high stiletto heels. Even real women know they have to train the arches of their feet if they want to wear those beautiful sexy heels for any length of time.

Where the sissy sometimes comes undone is that he concentrates on just training the arches and forgets about posture--the feminine posture. For a woman, feminine posture is a natural thing; for the sissy, it is something which needs to be developed.

Very simply, the lesson Learn to Walk in Heels is that the sissy practices walking in small heels, with a book placed squarely on the crown of his head. The daily lesson begins with just 15 minutes, during which time the sissy should go about his chores and walk around. This helps his feeble concentration to be centered on posture--shoulders back, tits out, thus training the body to move in a more feminine way. Mincing... the feet should taking little steps, the arms hanging nice and loose at the hips.

If the sissy manages to last 15 minutes without dropping the book, he can move up to the next level. If he drops the book he simply follows the Academy's discipline guideline book for each 'Ooops, I dropped the book' occurrence. Rewards and Disciplinary Measures are the backbone of the Academy's method teaching, along with motivational grading on to the next level.
One new sissy is just embarking on his new walking in heels course. This is from his sissy journal...

"i could not wait to do my walking exercise. i did last 10 minutes this time until the book fell, how sissified i felt while having to maintain perfect posture!!! "

"I was soo excited to get started on my first assignment. i put on my posture collar as instructed and picked up a book then set it on my head. Mistress was right my shoulders were straight and my breast protruded like i have never seen them before. i walked slow and very very erect! my earrings were not even dangling because i was moving soooo slow to avoid dropping the book. i can't believe how sissified and helpless i felt with the book on my head!!! i felt even more sissified then when i curtsy! Just when i thought i had it mastered the book fell. Less than 5 minutes and i had to stop and add the ball gag. Adding the ball gag harness was even worse, i felt even more sissified and helpless!!!!!"

This lucky sissy is following the Academy's personalized program, BUT any little sissy can benefit from this simple daily practice of walking in heels with a book on the head. It might not be as much fun as being a pupil in the Academy, but it will have results.

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