Friday, February 22, 2008



Amendment to this blog entry.

Stupid was enjoying the exposure a little too much for my liking. Hence the swift removal of his photo. He just doesn' t deserve to be exposed. My apologies to all other readers.

Original entry:

The picture says it all. This sissy does not know the different between the words 'silly' and 'stupid'. He has always had a 'hard' time differentiating between the two. This is an example of stupid:

He gave a Mistress a full video of him being.... 'silly', which was rather 'stupid' of him when he knew full-well he would end up pissing her off. So, when he came crying to Me, his long term Mistress, I said he was.......... stupid!

These photo will be up until I am satisfied he has learned the important difference between the two aforementioned words. Let it be known, I don't expect him to suddenly develop an interest in pouring over the dictionary, but it will for a moment make him aware of his own... stupidity.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for removing the photo of my worthless form Mistress Beverly