Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Message from a stupid boy:

Dear fellow subs, slaves and perverts.

This is the story of a very silly little boy (me) who loves having his Mistress Beverly degrade and hurt him - but sometimes feels as if that isn't enough and that what he really needs is to be completely ruined by her. It is just a fantasy but sometimes I get stupid and almost make it happen! Blackmail is a dangerous game, and if I had tried it with most other Mistresses then I probably would have been 'ruined' by now. Recently I annoyed Ms Beverly (who is a lenient soul) so much that she actually put a photo of me with my face exposed up on this very blog (see below entry about a stupid boy) She then decided that I was enjoying it a little too much, and therefore decided to remove that photo and concentrate on giving me some serious pain instead.

My girlfriend is currently away on Holiday so Ms.Beverly decided to take advantage of the fact that she could therefore leave marks without them being something that I had to hide from her. We began speaking at around around 7:30pm my time last Friday and she proceeded to tell me how utterly stupid I am. This lesson was designed to show me the difference between silly and stupid. Silly is fun and can be good, stupid isn't and can get a little perverts into a lot of trouble. She spent the next two hours having me beat my arse with a variety of different things (wooden spoon, belt etc). We eventually stuck to a long round (and fairly thick) piece of wood that came from an old chair that had broken. Her aim (as she kept telling me) was to make me cry. I had got drunk before we spoke so that I would be able to take more pain then usual, and despite beating myself for two hours I did not cry (sorry Beverly!)

I was however left with a very bruised bum (see photo!) that I am not sure is going to heal by the time my girlfriend returns this weekend! I could be in deep do do here.

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Oh my god!