Monday, December 29, 2008

The End of 2008, And the Joys and Perils of Flesh

"Another year over, a new one just begun..."

I can assure you that 12 months ago millie - who recently found himself impaled on the horns of a dilemma or two - would not have considered responding to her new name. What a difference a year makes! I'm quite delighted to say that she stopped in recently and was able to model her new lingerie for moi, and fetching is just the word for it. Our conversation, hers and mine, on the subject gave rise to an observation. Or two.

Let's talk fabric and flesh, shall we? The fabric was black sheer mesh, quite fine, if I do say so, and sweetly clingy. Stretchy, a bit. Like skin, you know? Surely you've had occasion to grasp a nipple between a thumb and a forefinger and pull out from your body and noticed that flesh can stretch. That it's malleable. Just like the mind, really, when one thinks about it. No? Yes, of course yes. Just consider Milton and millie. Stretched beyond recognition, really, at times.

It's interesting how giving voice to things changes one's perceptions. millie modeled the slip. That sweet rustle as it came down over her head, the cool fabric warming as it encased her chest. her bosom. Truly. she's a bit developed there. But that's beside the point, isn't it. My conversations with millie often turn on questions of self, of her helpless need to please, of sensations that would be jarring if it weren't for the bath of natural, self-produced drugs that flow through her like menses from an overly ripe egg at that time of month that drain down the smooth walls of a woman's womb. And ripe she is, that millie, when that internal cocktail of substances is released during that serene state when she becomes herself. Open. Willing. Pliable.

The mesh, it is fine, as I mentioned. What was extraordinary was how sensitive she becomes as she gains awareness. At once smooth and textured, she began to melt as I had her graze her fingertips across those budding mounds of femininity. she could feel the material grabbing her and holding on, not letting go, and it provided another skin that created a whole new set of sensations Talk about the, I told her. Tell Me.

Quite remarkable. Even the faint stir of warm breath provoked an outpouring of poetry from her, as if she were weightless, caught in a cloud crackling with gentle electricity that penetrated her skin and tissue.

The skin. It's the largest organ, you know. As her breath and fingertips and palms danced lightly across her body, she was transported. she knew she'd have to return to the soft itch of flannel trousers the next day, but she also knew that it would just be a temporary condition, an aberration. her reality, or should I say her reality now, ensheathes her body and clings to her like the dream you can't quite shake off. No matter how hard you try.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Where has the time gone...

It seems ages since I entered a post in my blog and I've been remiss on keeping my little sissies and whatnots up to date with the London Academy and Mistress. IF I was a sissy I would bend over spank myself (as if!) but being that is hardly the case, maybe you should just go ahead and spank yourself for Me. Anyway, this is a quick little entry (know what I mean?)

First of all, I want to thank here all you lovelies for helping me celebrate my birthday in style. Yes, some of you are hanging your heads in shame, aren't you. Blowing you... a kiss, for those that did go shopping for Mistress. I truly appreciate it.

I am not going to on here about the comings and goings of Mistress. I usually do that in the newsletter of TGLBB, or will simply address that at a later time.

Lets remember, a sissy or two. Some gone forever, (as they do) and some stay forever. Rachael--remember rubin who became Rachael? Well, that gurl is doing well. She is still in London (my home town) and has been frequenting the more seedy areas at night. She has become quite the 'ladyboy' of the night, and has managed to find those little dives tucked away from the ordinary eye. These places are never mentioned in the tourist guide. You know... try Hyde Park Corner toilets, for a blow job, etc. The kinky have to fend for themselves in finding the more undesirable areas for sex. Anyway, Rachael and I were speaking of cock sucker's remorse. It seems Rachael had a momentary taste of that. She tried to run away from her desires, and attempted to block the need to feel feminine. She was suffering from acute CSR. It didn't last long. It couldn't. And, when she got over the bout, she went on a binge. She sucked and sucked and sucked like it was going out of business!
So, we had this nice little chat about CSR and I explained to her that when she tries to deny what is so much a part of her, she is just going to end up making matters worse for herself. As I have said so many times, you can't run away from who you are. Poor Rachael, she just needed to hear me explain things to her and that seemed to make her happy. I do so like my gurls to be happy. So, back on the streets in London town, to the sordid side of life. A smile on her face, a click to her heels, and cock sucking in a more moderate fashion (whatever that means).

My Camden slut is still going strong, being as silly as ever. Walking a fine line, tempting me to expose and ruin him. Thank goodness for him, I am content to make him suffer in a painful way, rather than ruin his (believe it or not) blissful existence with his beloved girlfriend.

Millie is away. She is busy doing consulting work, and alas hardly has time alone. Nevertheless, we do find time to speak a little and we remain dear to one another.

So many sissies, all different in their desires and needs. Each bringing something different to the Academy. Another sissy in London, sissy anthony, is progressing nicely from the Academy Training. He never suffers from CSR because he has only done that once and then only because he was made to. Does just once count, do you think? LOL. I think it does. But, we never harp on that. It was confessed and now hardly ever mentioned. He loves to please and serve and be amusing to a superior woman. I have helped show him how to achieve this, and I must say he is coming along very well, except.... when he is allowed to release. It's a work in progress. Yes, sissy anthony, if you are reading this... you know what I speak of.

I'm drifting here a bit, not fully focused, and I feel I am not giving any solid advice for the wayward, but it does help to know of others--that you are not alone.

Well, the main reason I am posting now is that the holiday season is upon us. I know it is not the best of times out there, but at the Academy we like to keep it light and frilly--there's enough serious stuff out there without bringing it here. I think that would be silly.

So, with no more ado, my little sissies, let Me wish you a festive holiday and may all your stockings be filled with whatever your little heart desires. Let us hope for a great 2009.

Ms. Beverly,

The London Academy.