Monday, June 8, 2009

The Gurls of the Academy...

I have been rather busy with my sissies lately, here, there, and everywhere. They are such funny little things, and love to amuse and obey. What good sissy doesn't?

So, here's an update on some of the gurls of the Academy:

Dear Rachael is still roaming the streets of Euston--she has now been christened my Euston Slut. An American in London... She really ought to write a book. She calls me on regular basis, and always opens her handbag, empties out the dosh, and then we sit down and have a nice little chat about all the cocks she has had. I help her with positive affirmation of her submissive slutty self and remind her that Rachael is a slut, and only feels good when she is humiliated. She understands, it's what she is. Nothing she can do about it. If only I could find her a nice big tranny in the Euston area, set up a date, and maybe, just maybe... they could live happily ever after. Awwwwwwwwwww. But, until that day, she is destined to walk the streets, swinging her handbag and doing what she must, to feel desirable, feminine, wanted...

Rachael, if you reading this, as you can see, I'm putting out feelers for a Euston Tranny for you.


Prefer non-smoker.

And then there is 'Kneel". We do have such fun together. It's not really that he is a total sissy, but this does come into play alot. He loves to do daring things, and amuse, and be tested. I am teaching him ways to be submissive to his wife, who he loves very much. It's just she doesn't quite get, or want to get, that submissive side of him. This really is a discussion that should be opened up at some point. But right now, here's how our last session went...

Kneel being rather cheeky, had intimated to me that he would be motivated to buy me something off my Wish List if... (and get this!) I would update my blog!!! Well, I didn't take kindly to that, and told him quite firmly that I would write in my blog if and when I felt like it. Period! He quickly apologised, but the boy/gurl needed to be reminded who runs the show.

Kneel happened to be away at a conference and apparently he had "sold out" to the Corp. Guys on his ideals and was feeling pretty wimpy about it. Ah ah.... I saw a door of opportunity open for mischief. I then went on to give him his assignments.

Previously, he had an assignment to buy a little butt plug (yes, he was virgin!) and a pair of panties. For this assignment, he was to insert the little butt plug (yes, t'was the night I took his cherry) and put on his panties and pantyhose and then dress (boy clothes) and walk up to the main hotel, which he informed me was rather a long walk. He was then instructed to go to the hotel bar and order himself a Shirley Temple with a Cherry. Well, as he was made to see, Shirley Temple was an appropriate beverage because he was such a puss in giving in to the Corp. guys, and the Cherry was... well in celebration of me taking his virginity. He really didn't deserve anything stronger, did he? He took on this part of the assignment with good humour and sissy cockiness, knowing he would pass with flying colours. He did.

He was then to go join the banquet and pick a pretty woman and ask her to dance (butt plug still in place, mind). He was to inform her of the drink he had just ordered and why. He managed to dance with an attractive female within his party, and did as I told him. Apparently, she just smiled when he confessed to be being 'a wuss'. What made this more interesting (at least for me), is that he believes (even if he might be a tad delusional) that she has a bit of crush on him. Makes it even more fun, doesn't it? He was also told to go to the hotel lobby shop and ask for an extra small packet of condoms. Well, the last didn't work because they only had one size. After he had semi-completed this assignment, with a packet of regular size condoms in his pocket, the last of his assignments came next. He was to go buy me something off my Wish List--penance for earlier cheekiness. He did, and not just one, but two items. Thank you, Kneel. And, only now, a couple of weeks later, do I sit and write my blog, in my own time, in my own way.

Kneel and I have a good lot of laughs, and I think he will come along nicely. He does try, and that's all I ask.

20 cl ginger ale 3 cl grenadine syrup
Build in a highball glass. Add ginger ale over ice and sprinkle grenadine syrup over it. Garnish with a lemon slice and a CHERRY.

Martini Boy... Such a good little slut for me. He performs, he pleases, he is polite, and fun. He has done many a trick on cam for me, and all he asks for is for me to be amused. What woman can turn her nose up at that? I have introduced him to another sissy slut, yep... my Camden Town Slut. They both got a kick out of outdoing the other. So competitive in their showing off to see who is more devoted. Anyway, Martini Boy has promised that if he ever has an 'accident' thinking of me, he will write and confess it here, and pay up! I don't see anything wrong with touching and thinking of me. Hardly! I encourage it. But, when it comes to accidents of a certain sort, well... it cheapens me and the bearer of the accident if I don't benefit in some way. We shall see if he ever gets bold enough to write on here. Martini boy and I go way back, and I wanted to give some mention here today because he deserves a little recognition. Little? Martini? Did you get that? lol.

I did it again!

Camden Town Slut... He has actually shown a little improvement in some areas regarding stupidity. I still have to watch over him, smack his little balls, whip his arse, and remind him of what he is, but I haven't been really pissed at him lately. I think that's a good thing. He would probably beg to differ. I did say in some areas, didn't I? His latest thrill is imagining his wonderful girlfriend is having sex with real men. Oh, what a surprise--a sissy imagining that!

Look at the photo, my little cuckold wannabe.

imagine wonderful girlfriend, in the arms of a real man...

Tiffany... We do have some fantasies, don't we? I take her travelling, exploring possibilities. I've made her my best friend, my sissy maid, my slut, and my wifey. Oh, she loved that. Even had the wedding ceremony. The bride wore white, I wore black leather. She wore a silky white negligee, I wore... a strap on. Oh, what a wedding night...

Well, this could run on... There is one missing. I've spoken earlier and in detail on the sensual Ms. Millie. She has evaporated. Perhaps all too much for her. Perhaps I've been jilted. She called the other week just to say hello. Seemed a little lost in what to say to me. Never mind, I'll always love her, in my own special way. She knows that.

Now, for you sissies who are sitting there saying... What about Me???????????? Don't worry. You'll have your minute of fame too. Give me time.

And for any of my sub missives who wander over here and wonder why they are not mentioned. Let me remind you, just because you put on a pair of panties when told to, that doesn't qualify you. I know submission and sissification can and sometimes do mate, but believe me, I'll let you know when you are eligible to enter the ranks of the Academy.

Until the next time,
this is
Ms. Beverly
London signing out.

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