Saturday, October 24, 2009

sissy update and upshot...

I have been rather quiet of late, mainly due to working on my banking business and taking some well-deserved time away. We all need to just kick back sometimes and enjoy new scenery, new adventures, new horizons. This brings me to introduce a topic befitting The Academy blog:

Reason and Reasonable.

Let's face it, some men find new scenery, new adventures, and just a way to escape and relax when they step out of their boy side/clothes and explore their feminine submissive side. It's just so easy to let go and let the Mistress take them where she wants (within reason). Yes, that's right, that was not a typing error. As you know, reasonable is such a quirky thing. For some, within reason (reasonable) means doing something really humiliating, degrading, embarrassing, shocking even. For others, within reason means pleasing, serving, worshipping the Goddess, the Queen, the Ultimate Dominant Woman. And then there are those who just like the whole getup, the sexy undies, the frilly panties, and heels, the boots, the lipstick, the works, 'cause women get to have all the fun with dressing up. Does it matter what the reason? No, I don't believe it does. The reason behind the need, the want, the urge, or the desire is not what I am discussing here. For one thing, that could take a book, not a posting! No, my brief deliberation is more: The difference and matter of the reasonable request. That's where the line can become a bit hazy for both parties, Mistress and submissive, unless good communication and listening skills are put to good use. For the most part, I don't believe anyone can be forced to follow through on what is seen to them as a totally unreasonable request.

Case in point, a little playful sissy made to repeat a lot of sissy words, told to curtsy, told to do a silly dance, will happily comply with those ludicrous instructions if he gets excited by his performance; if he feels he is making a Mistress happy; if she seems to be enjoying his obedience and, and this is important, he feels he is travelling with someone who knows his triggers and enjoys pushing them. Everyone is happy.

Now let's take another case. A man who likes cross-dressing, wants to feel feminine, cared for, sexy and sensual, wants to actually know what it feels like to be treated as a female. The above mentioned requests would seem unreasonable to him, he would not be excited by the humiliating tasks. Furthermore,he would feel the Mistress is completely uncaring and that he is being encouraged to travel to a dark and lonely place. The Mistress would lose all sense of power, and in this case no one is happy.

As the reader will glean from past posts, I treat each of my sub missives differently. This isn't to say I change my personality, but certainly my expectations, demands, and wickedness does change with my sense of what would be reasonable for this submissive. The hazy line that takes one to a different place, a different self, and yet still works within what is a reasonable, exciting, boundary. Well, it takes an intuitive Mistress to find that line.

But here is the bottom line, it's got to be felt as exciting, and it's got to have some reasonable objective to keep the power play secure. No sissy wants the feeling of failure (unless that's his bag!) and no Mistress wants to feel her power slipping away.

It takes two to Tango, and there has to be one who leads and one who trusts. When I go dancing with my sissies, I know what steps they can do, and what they cannot do.

So, when I report on My little rachael, out there on the streets, doing the dirty, for her my requests and humiliating little pep talks seem very reasonable. 

And My little Camden Slut--I mean, who else could I punish with dirt from the garden stuffed in his mouth, while he wrote out his lines of contrition for his potty mouth when speaking of his girlfriend.  Who else would I expect to then follow it up with a bar of soap stuffed in his mouth while he wrote out even more lines of apology.  Bet he never speaks of Her like that again.  But, I knew that would be in the realm of reasonable punishment for my pathetic cuckold Camden Slut.  I constantly rebuke him and often laugh at him, and believe me, he gets excited with every insult and every threat.  The line is recognised and everyone is happy.  Well, sort of.  He informed just a moment ago his mouth still hurts and he hates soap!

When I dress Tiffany and take her shopping, and molest her in the dressing room, and then take her home for a good romp, it is a reasonable fantasy. Everyone is happy.  Our stories always have a happy ending!

When I send neil, who really should be renamed nell, out on embarrassing errands, and have him put on the panties and run around the garden... he finds that a reasonable request because he knows it makes me laugh, and he gets excited and happy in making me happy. 

When I constantly 'use' whatever martini tells me in confidence, and throw it back at him, reversing the tables, even.. bending him over the table, well... it's okay because this reasonable request makes him feel like a good boy, the best boy ever, the numero uno, the teacher's pet. etc. Teacher is happy. Everyone is happy.  I would never ever make martini eat dirt.  Just have him hump the sofa while we watch Kylie on youtube.  He looked so cute!

When my bitch mickey has been working hard, needing a little bitch time with Mistress, do I say... "let him eat cake/soap"?  Of course not.  I tell him to put on his panties, kneel at my feet, and tell him what a wonderful night I had with a real man.  He loves to hear my reveries...  He often ends up over my lap or on all fours.  Never quite know what I'm going to do with him until I do it.  We are sort of French because it is usually in the early afternoon hours he calls upon me. Mon petit cheri.  Always fun, always reasonable.

And what is reasonable for the Mistress? the reader may ask. What is reasonable for me is that the sissy/submissive/in between girl is always polite. I cut to the cold if I am displeased in the way I am spoken to. I am always polite even when hurling insults and ridicule. I am going to have fun, no matter what, or where the boundary of reasonable lies. It's up to me to know where that boundary is or how far it can be pushed, in order to retain power.

So, to reiterate, the reason doesn't matter, but the reasonable does. Think about it, think of the things you search for in a Mistress, the things you long for her to test you with. Then, think of something really distasteful, something that would not excite you at all, and you will understand how important it is that the Mistress is willing to understand your sense of reasonable, and that she is willing to accommodate your reasonable... request.

Gosh, I'm the sissies Advocate in this posting!

For my regular sissies, I know things have been a bit difficult with strange days at Nite. I have been rather obscure in my absences and availability. Just keep your eyes out for me.

Until the next time,
Ms. London.

P.S. This little getup should be an unreasonable request for anyone!