Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy New Year!

As we head into 2010, I am looking forward to having fun with this blog.  Yes, I have been quite deligent in my entries in 2009, but I hope to improve on the quantity as this year progresses.

I'm thinking it is good to branch out a little, but still within the folds of a petticoat blog.  This translates to: a touch of humiliation, a drop of the ridiculous, a hint of the sublime, a pinch of sexy, a dab of debauchery, a tbs. of helpful hints, a tsp. of general feminization, and a glob of good humour.

What is needed still is a cupful of revelations, a sprinking of novel links, and more comments!  Yes, I do appreciate the comments I have received from visitors who pop in, but written comment is always welcome too.

I'm not Greta Garbo.  I do not vant to be alone.   

Anyway, this link was forwarded to me by one of my gurls, and I thought the song quite lovely with the video.


Fun, yes.

"if i could escape and recreate a place of my world..." 

Wishing you all a Happy Happy 2010.

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uknebootboy said...

Thanks Mistress, and a very happy new year to You too, looking forward to all of the things You mention!

And as requested, here is a message....