Monday, February 1, 2010

Caroline and Adam

Real Girlwhat fun this weekend.  Sissies galore!  From good girls to bad girls, Mistress whipped up some fun and games.  Mind you, I was actually trying to be more 'evil', but it's difficult to be evil when the silly boy girls play so nicely for me. 
Anyway, I have taken on a semi-secretary, who goes by the name Caroline.  I have my little secretary doing all sorts of odd jobs for me and also putting on a show for me.  Below, in Caroline's words, is her assignment to write something embarrassing about herself and our relationship. 

I am Mistress's pet. I have a condition, known as juvenlie genitalia, which means i have very small sexual organs. Mistress helps me to understand this, and helps me to come to terms with it.
She recognised it quite some time ago, when we were talking and I was serving her on the phone, and doing my best to please Her. She recognised that I was not sufficiently man enough, either in size or hormones to be the sort of man who could satisfy Her sexually, hence She is helping me and training me to find other ways to please Her.
We are exploring a role where I am caroline, her secretary, rather than the silly boy name I have.
I’m currently writing this at Her behest, dressed up as a goth chick, in leather collar, rock t-shirt, leather belt, fishnet stockings and lacy panties. This is my weekend outfit – through the week I prefer to be in white blouse, and leather pencil skirt, and vampy red lipstick as I do Mistress bidding – filing, secretarial tasks, attending to Her capricious whims.
However, I am only training to be a girl. In reality I cant hope to be a girl properly, as although my sexual organ is too small to be of use to women, it is also too large to be a proper female sexual organ – but only just. I can only hope that Mistress can help me to carve out a role as neither man nor woman, but a wimpy man, and/or slutty girl to suit Her tastes, in which I can do what I want to do most – please Her.
When I am a good submissive for Her, she lets me have release. However She makes sure it is achieved in a way that is thoroughly humiliating for me – generally involving me humping something, whilst watching something suitably titillating and chosen by Her. Im not allowed release in any conventional way – it has to be by rubbing something against my organs – a way that neither a boy nor girl would normally cum perhaps.
She is wonderful, and I love Her when She is nice to me, and I love Her when She is mean to me. ThankYou Mistress.

Now wasn't that sweet?  Anyway, we had great fun at the end of the day.  I put on Adam Lambert singing 'For your Entertainment'.  I do think Adam is so glam and sexy.  I told Caroline I would definitely 'do' him, and this seemed to inspire little Caroline to dance to the song, and try to be more like Adam, to better entertain me and maybe, just possibly, actually... arouse me! 

Well, quite honestly, Caroline has danced and masturbated to Kylie Monogue for years.  It was time for Mistress to have her fantasy.

Here's Adam Lambert, who really is absolutely gorgeous.  Some men can really pull off the whole glam thing.

Ms. London.

p.s. I notice the followers are not showing up.  Little weird, but I think a few people are having the same error message as I am receiving.  I have changed the template.  I think this is somehow cleaner and more stream lined.  Did I just say cleaner? 


Anonymous said...

nell from the north is quite jealous of Caroline!! Though. . ., to be fair to Mistress, i would probably 'do' him too.

Ms. Londoncalling said...

I know! He is wonderfully glamorous isn't he. And, he can sing too.

Anonymous said...

caroline is very lucky to have You Mistress!
It is always wonderful to hear from a Mistress so we sissies can see how a Mistress thinks, how Dominant You are in every way.
cindy sissy