Saturday, May 22, 2010

where in the world is Ms. London?

In the city of London.  Yes, my recent disappearing act is due to travelling to the UK and Europe. Still able to hold court at the Academy, but definitely less attentive to the needs of my sissies.  Aaawwwww.

Actually, I am feeling very fortunate in that I can work in any city, wthin practically any continent and still go about my affairs as if I was still in the USA, and in this case, still at the Academy.

London is fun and exciting, and it's nice to be heeling around my old stomping grounds.  I wonder if I will bump into rachael my whore--wouldn't that be so funny.  Well, next week I plan on visiting France for a few days, renewing an old friendship. 

Anyways, isn't this just so sweet.  It would make the cutest little sissy cottage.  I can just see pink petticoats and little pink bloomers hanging out on the line.  Right by the sea too,  so a little sissy could look out the window and drool over all the husky fishermen, bare-chested, brawny big lads, with their BIG catch of the day.  That's right, take a big sigh, and pack your suitcase for Aldbro.

And, wouldn't this be just the best building for a Countryside Academy for Sissies?

Well, my beauties, it's time for me to disappear.  Until the next entry,
Ms. London in London.x