Tuesday, May 17, 2011

When the shoe fits

I have countless pairs of shoes that I don't wear.  I think every woman does.

Shoes are tricky, you see, quite deceiving in their flattery and persuasion of  a perfect match.  They feel so comfortable, so inviting--so seductive, even with 5" inch heels and pointy toes, when parading back and forth in the store.  But, for some mystifying reason, when one gets home,  the shoes turns on their heels and treat the feet like  fools!  They pinch, they feel stiff, too narrow, too high, too... painful.  But, does one take them back and ask for a refund?  No, of course not!  Having been seduced, one is quite convinced (delusional, if you will) that the shoes will revert back to how wonderful they felt in the store.  They will stretch, they will give, they will soften, they will FIT!!!!

And, this is why women have a plethora of shoes in their closet, a lot of which are rarely worn.,  Now, I'm mainly referencing those shoes that make one's legs look maaaaaarvelous. The ones that make one look taller, slimmer, sexier.  Occasionally, we get lucky and the shoes stay faithful from the store to the home, to stepping out.  These are the shoes we treasure.  Settle down, gurls, settle down.  I'm getting to you. 

Gurls, (sissies, trannies, trollops, waywards, cds, etc.) love sexy shoes, slutty shoes, stiletto shoes, pinching the toes shoes.  A gurl doesn't care about comfort--it's all about 'the look' and because most are secret gurls, they don't have to worry about walking too much in them.  When a gurl looks at shoes, as long as she can squeeze her foot in and stand up in them, it really doesn't matter if they pinch.  She ain't walking too far.  Yes, you know what I'm talking about.  The most some of you do is lay down on the bed in them and... as long as the hands and fingers are free to move around, who cares if the toes are numb.  For some of you gurls, shoes are a status thing.  Owning a pair of panties, any sissy can do, but buying a pair of shoes, only a well-advanced gurl will do that.

So, here are some shoes that I love.   Not too much for the slutty gurl to ogle over, but then... find your own 6 inch platform stripper shoes to salivate over.

A couple of these photos are mine (meaning my shoes), the rest are those I want because I think they would look maaaarvalous on me. 

 Reminds of Lalique, just on stilettos.
I own a pair of Stuart Weitz, but these are probably out of my league, dollar wise.

                                                          and finally, just for fun...

So, having gone from hats to shoes, I think....
panties will come next.  Bet all you panty sluts are looking forward to that.

This is Ms. London signing off.


Anonymous said...

Such delightful adornments. For a woman an expression of sexual power .. arching the ankle, defining the calves, male attention drawn to the staccato click. For a sissy a reminder with each halting step of their weakness and status.


Ms. Londoncalling said...

Always nice to read your take on a topic, jennie. You have a way with words.