Saturday, June 4, 2011

promised panties

As promised, panties are the subject of this new post. What can I say about panties?  Well, first off, panties are like the sissy's trademark--bit like the collar is for a submissive slave. The word 'panties' has always struck me as a silly sounding word.  Women usually refer to them as knickers or undies.  But, sissies love saying the word 'panties'. 

Another thing about 'panties' is the variety:  bikini, boy shorts, thong, brief, French cut; silky, lacy, cotton, nylon, Lycra, satin; selections coming in a cornucopia of colours. The choice in endless.  From full control to barely there. (Who can forget the scene in the film Bridget Jones' Diary when Hugh Grant reaches under Renee Zellweger's skirt to find her nylon full brief granny-panties and cries "Oh, mummmmmy!" )

And then there are the disappearing panties of laundry rooms, bedroom hampers, bathroom floors, undies drawers, and even in garbage bags left at the door of the local Goodwill.  Yes, I have spoken to a one who actually stole the garbage bag left at a charity shop just so he could pilfer a pair of panties for himself.  How bloody pathetic is that!!!  I gave him a right telling-off.   So, do I trust my undies drawer to be left unattended while the cable guy does wiring in my bedroom?  Absolutely not.  Would I trust any man to home-sit, pet-sit, keep his hands off my shit, while I am away on vacation?  Ummmm, no!  Panties are not safe when a man has a penchant for them.

Over the years, I have learned that for a many, it all begins when very young.  A curious boy goes searching through his mother's or sister's lingerie drawer.  What, in fact, drew him there that first time does vary, but the result is similiar - excitement staring into the forbidden drawer. He reaches in to touch, maybe takes a smell, perhaps rubs them over his face and then over his body, and then.. something even more exciting and strange happens.  He gets this tingly sensation down at his thighs, his heart beat quickens, his breathing becomes erratic, his brain is on overload and thoughts are scrambled.  He, almost instinctively, begins to touch his penis, and then... rather quickly,  its all over, and he's staring down in amazement at the gooey mess that just ejaculated from him  And so begins, the ongoing secret treks to the forbidden drawer.  For some it evolves into wearing bras, stockings, etc., and a lifelong yearning for 'more'.
And here, does anyone ever wonder, why is that a curious girl doesn't go to her father's or brother's underwear drawer and pull out a pair of Y-fronts?  And, why is that a curious girl doesn't grab the J C Penny catalogue and go straight to the men's underwear section?  And, why is it that a curious girl doesn't go through hampers or laundry rooms searching for the Y-front or a pair of cotton plaid boxers?

I'll tell you why.  Girls are sexually superior.  Even the most dumb blonde is sexually superior to the male.  Blame it on the cock.  We all do.

Panties are a regular topic of conversation when speaking to my sissies.  Some I humiliate, some I have warm feelings for--an understanding if you like.  Some I just laugh at.  I think it depends on what the pantie brings out in that gurl, and I am, after all,  responding  to the person and not the panties.  As my sissy callers know, I do love to laugh and love a good tease.  Two comments I received from panti-sissies the other week made me laugh.  One comment was that I was a 'posh wicked bitch' and this was from a pantie sniffing, little pervert who has called me on and off for years.  He brings the wicked out in me.  The next comment I received was 'Beverly, I'm going to pray for you'.  That was after he said I abused and exploited him.  I laughed at that, as it was a first.  I mean the praying comment.  I took umbrage at the abuse and exploit comment because as I had said to him before, I only reflect what is already there.  We have spoken for years and I was actually trying to be nice, gradually programming him to open up to his feminine side.  His resentment was more aimed at himself, angry that he was weak and he wanted to hit out.  I think he has said goodbye to me more than half a dozen times and each time comes back on his own volition.  But this time he said he was sad and I didn't like to hear that, so maybe he's gone for good.  There again, there's just as much chance that he will be back.  He had many demons to deal with.  I'll....... pray for him!

And then there is a gurl named robyn.  A sweet gurl.  In fact, a gurl trapped in a male body.  She needs so much more than just a pair of panties.  She wants it all, the whole shebang--to be a woman 24/7.  She yearns to feel desired and wanted by a man.  As she should, as a woman.  She is looking to me to help her feel more confident.

Well, one could go on all day about panties, and my pantie wearing sissies..  Let's finish with some photos.
Parah, La Perla, Agent Provocateur.  Love those designer panties.

On an aside:
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Ms. London.


Anonymous said...

How very completely you know us. You are right as to how it begins .. but neglect the questions that consume us for the decades that follow. Was it mere circumstance that led us to that hamper and the silken treasures it contained .. or were we biologically deigned to follow that path; what course would or lives have taken had we turned in a different direction on that fateful day?

Perhaps the answer is the first time we experience the submissive thrall of not only adoring panties but in owning that first delightful pair. No longer 'just' panties but instead knowing they are ours .. 'my panties' .. 'my panties' .. that exquisite, so very secret thought defines who we are and the inevitable direction our lives will take.


Ms. Londoncalling said...

Aaah, which comes first. What you ask is a difficult question to answer, and if the answer was easy, I guess there would be no need for The Academy.

Are panties just a fetish or do they represent, as in your case perhaps, a part of what make you YOU?

Is it social or biological? I think both elements play a strong part.

Thanks for your comments, Jennie. Do you have a blog?

Anonymous said...

My dear Ms. Londoncalling:

A blog? No .. not at the moment. I've initiated and then deleted several over the years .. perhaps because I never felt anything I had to add to the genre was of much value.

Perhaps you will motivate me to try again?


Ms. Londoncalling said...

Jennie, I would imagine it could be a good outlet for you. In the meantime, should you wish to offer up any article of writing, I would be happy to take a look and post to my blog.

coco said...

Great blog again Mistress (i keep saying that, what a crawler - You know i love fawning... :) ).

In particular paras 1-4 are .... just so right! Agree with what Jennie said about how completely You know us.

Para 6 is most right of all of course.

Think i have told You about my first, stolen, pair of panties....had to throw them out though (sad).

And on the social or biological - i think You are right (as always( that it is both.

Your coco.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree with Jennie.. you have hit the dick on the pantied head, so to speak!
You have the excitement and subsequent humiliation down, oh my! The need to have our OWN panties... wanting to just buy them, but being way too scared and humiliated... as sissies will be, I suppose! :)