Thursday, July 14, 2011

Winning on a Prayer

I love it when I win...  Winning in this case is: he came back!
So perhaps you can remember the posting where I said one sissy on saying farewell to me, said he would pray for me? Panties Post June 4th. Well, I guess he just didn't pray hard enough (no pun intended) because just the other day, just over one month since we spoke, I received an instant message from him.
"I feel so weak." was his hello.

The very abridged version of our chat went like this (name changed to protect anonymity):

sissyX: i feel so weak
sissyX: please
Ms. London: you want those shoes don't you
sissyX: yes
sissyX: please
sissyX: i feel so weak
Ms. London: and should I now pray for you?
sissyX: pray?
Ms. London: well, those were your parting words to me, which i thought rather funny
sissyX: i have never felt so weak before
sissyX: this is so humiliating
Ms. London: that's because you've missed this, haven't you?
sissyX: if i admit it now, you know so much about me
Ms. London: well, come on.. admit it
Ms. London: if you admit you have missed this... ill put the shoes on you
Ms. London: are you ready to admit?
Ms. London: come on, it wont hurt
sissyX: i feel so silly
Ms. London: yes, but its ok with me to feel silly
Ms. London: look, im just asking you to admit that you missed the way you feel with me
sissyX: i missed it ... it almost hurt
Ms. London: well, now its ok ,'cause back here you are, aren't you
Ms. London: and i sort of knew you would be
sissyX: did you?
Ms. London: yes
Ms. London: in fact i wrote about it
sissyX: and what did you say?
Ms. London: well, i didn't put your full name
Ms. London: hold on.. ill copy and paste the part about you, yes
sissyX: where did you wrote?
Ms. London: on one of my blogs
sissyX: can i see it?
Ms. London: you want to see the whole blog
sissyX: the part about me
Ms. London: The next comment I received was 'Beverly, I'm going to pray for you'. That was after he said I abused and exploited him. I laughed at that, as it was a first. I mean the praying comment. I took umbrage at the abuse and exploit comment because as I had said to him before, I only reflect what is already there. We have spoken for years and I was actually trying to be nice, gradually programming him to open up to his feminine side. His resentment was more aimed at himself, angry that he was weak and he wanted to hit out. I think he has said goodbye to me more than half a dozen times and each time comes back on his own volition. But this time he said he was sad and I didn't like to hear that, so maybe he's gone for good. There again, there's just as much chance that he will be back. He had many demons to deal with. I'll....... pray for him!
Ms. London: thats what i wrote
sissyX: this is all so humiliating
Ms. London: well, it is true though isn't it
sissyX: yes
Ms. London: yes
Ms. London: so imagine how happy i will be to write on my blog... he came back!
sissyX: will you?
sissyX: to prove how weak and helpless i am
Ms. London: yes
sissyX: ill obey
Ms. London: yes, you will
Ms. London: because you really have missed me
Ms. London: and you know what... i bet you have missed me more than you prayed for me
sissyX: youve won
sissyX: i give up
Ms. London: thank you
Ms. London: ok.. shall we put on some pink shoes
sissyX: heels
Ms. London: yes, heels
sissyX: i react so strong on that
Ms. London: high stilettos are so sexy aren't they
Ms. London: i bet you look at women in heels too don't you
sissyX: yes, of course
Ms. London: yes.. and sometimes are you envious that they can walk in heels so sexy and so naturally?
sissyX: i just wish, they would put them on me
sissyX: yes, i would struggle a bit, when they put them on, but when they are on ,all my power leaves
Ms. London: oh we should go shoe shopping together
Ms. London: you see, i would make you buy the ones you like the most
Ms. London: then i would quietly whisper to the shop assistant i need them in a bigger size
sissyX: yes
Ms. London: yes... have you fooled
Ms. London: then i would invite you back to my hotel and say i want to change in to shoes that you bought
Ms. London: cause I'm so thrilled with them
Ms. London: then when i get them out the box ... oh, these look a bit big.... the girl must have made a mistake....
Ms. London: why,they are so big, i bet they'd fit you!
Ms. London: no really, I'm sure...
Ms. London: just put one on and see
Ms. London: see, if I'm right
Ms. London: let me help you
Ms. London: stop wiggling around
Ms. London: I'm just proving a point that they are too big
Ms. London: let me tie it up
Ms. London: hmmmm... that one seems to fit
Ms. London: lets just try the other foot
Ms. London: ok?
Ms. London: and then ill let you take them off
Ms. London: and ill return them
Ms. London: are you nodding your head?
sissyX: yes
Ms. London: ok.. ill just slip the other shoe on
Ms. London: tie it up
Ms. London: they look like they fit perfectly
Ms. London: see... i won... told you they would fit you
Ms. London: now stand up
Ms. London: and let me look
Ms. London: you have a glazed look in your eyes
Ms. London: so i think you need to keep them on. i cant return them now they've been worn
Ms. London: and they are too big for me
Ms. London: so i guess they are now yours
Ms. London: say thank you
sissyX: thank you
Ms. London: that's nice
Ms. London: i think the shoes make you nicer
Ms. London: in fact, you must keep them on now
Ms. London: i feel safer with you in shoes
Ms. London: you see, if i was with a man alone in a hotel room, i might be a bit nervous
Ms. London: but its like i don't fear you at all, not one little bit, while you wear the shoes
Ms. London: because... the shoes are making you weak
sissyX: yes, so very
Ms. London: good
sissyX: so helpless
Ms. London: yes, but thats a good thing
Ms. London: because i feel so very safe with you
Ms. London: like i could really do anything with you and to you and .... you would be too weak to stop me
sissyX: i try to call for help, but no words come out of my mouth
Ms. London: i know... too weak to make a sound... just silence from your open mouth
sissyX: yes, i try so hard
Ms. London: its ok... its just a hole
Ms. London: an empty hole
Ms. London: your mouth just a silent empty hole
Ms. London: which is good
Ms. London: now i think you better lay down on the bed
Ms. London: you are so weak
Ms. London: I'm going to strip you of everything except the shoes to keep you compliant
Ms. London: and nice
Ms. London: I'm going to completely undress you
Ms. London: so well-behaved!
Ms. London: but i know you feel so vulnerable--naked in front of me
Ms. London: so I'm going to dress you, don't worry
Ms. London: with those sexy shoes on you need a pretty pair of panties
Ms. London: so you dont feel so shy and awkward
Ms. London: lets just slip those on for you
Ms. London: and lets cover those panties with a pretty slip
Ms. London: all silky and nice
Ms. London: a short little slip
Ms. London: up it goes
Ms. London: and.. cant leave your chest bare
Ms. London: can we?
sissyX: no
Ms. London: Ive got just the thing...
Ms. London: a pretty bra
Ms. London: nice pointy cups
Ms. London: ill slip that on you
Ms. London: nice and tight
Ms. London: silence from the hole. I like that
Ms. London: now a little silk camisole
Ms. London: pretty in pink
Ms. London: slip that over your head
Ms. London: and pull it down to the waist
Ms. London: now ive really won, havent i
Ms. London: just nod your head
sissyX: nodding
Ms. London: good, very good
sissyX: trying to call but no words
Ms. London: i know you are struggling, but you cant win
Ms. London: you never could
Ms. London: im stronger than you
Ms. London: you need me, don't you
sissyX: help
Ms. London: oh silly silly
Ms. London: whose going to help you
Ms. London: if you just relax, you'll enjoy it
sissyX: yes ... i don't have a choice, do i?
Ms. London: no, you really dont
Ms. London: would you....
Ms. London: like me to pray for you?
sissyX: you wont let me go and i cannot help myself
Ms. London: you didnt answer my question
Ms. London: let me have my moment yes
sissyX: yes
Ms. London: thank you
Ms. London: so.. ask me
sissyX: please pray for me
Ms. London: now I'm smiling
Ms. London: and i know you are feeling very humiliated with asking me that
Ms. London: but also.. probably turned on. am i right?
sissyX: yes
sissyX: i shiver so much when i feel your power
Ms. London: yes
Ms. London: And now I'll pray for you, as you requested
Ms. London: give me a big wide smile
sissyX: yes
Ms. London: good
Ms. London: now Ive prettied you up
Ms. London: it will be easier
Ms. London: easier for you to find words
Ms. London: what did you miss,
sissyX: i missed your control over me
Ms. London: I'm glad you told me that
sissyX: i love it, when you take control
sissyX: even if i pretend to fight
sissyX: i love it, when you have your moments
sissyX: it would be so intense if you were here
Ms. London: yes
Ms. London: well, id make you look at me
Ms. London: id put my finger under your chin
Ms. London: and force you to look at me
Ms. London: i wonder what you would see in my eyes
sissyX: im shivering , i cant stand it
Ms. London: yes, you can
sissyX: hold my chin tight
Ms. London: i will
Ms. London: do you know what gloat means?
sissyX: no
Ms. London: Contemplate or dwell on one's own success or another's misfortune with malignant pleasure:
Ms. London: to observe or think about something with triumphant and often malicious satisfaction, ...
sissyX: hold me tight please
Ms. London: yes
Ms. London: very tight
Ms. London: am i gloating?
sissyX: yes

and so it went.  Actually, since then he has felt weak again.  I must be on a winning streak!
Ms. Londoncalling signing out.
Kneeling N., if you are reading this, I love the shoes.  Well done.


Anonymous said...

How wonderful!

I wonder why it is we struggle so against what we know in our heart of hearts is inevitable?

Is it merely self delusion, the vague hope that perhaps this time we will have the strength .. or more appropriately the absence of weakness .. to overcome.

Or is it, even knowing that surrender is inevitable, that we have a need to at least make the game competitive?

Both, I imagine .. but also perhaps a need in some way to heighten our sense of weakness and submission .. and your sense of dominance and control. Having so little else to offer, I can't imagine how it would feel to be so weak, so malleable that you could not glory in in the exquisite joy of our surrender.


Anonymous said...

Of course i'm reading. Never miss a post. Foregone conclusion that You'll win in my case. Glad You like the shoes. Hope to be back soon. Thank You for Your patience. Glad You like the shoes.


Anonymous said...

i think i screwed up


Anonymous said...

i think it is time for an update from on of the best writers around

Ms London said...

I was just sitting here thinking the same thing, anonymous. At least in that I really should update my dear readers.