Friday, January 6, 2012


So, my little sissies, the holidays are over.  All the Christmas Pudding eaten, and Christmas Stockings put away.  All the New Year cheers have been made and it's time to get SERIOUS.

Oh no!  How does a sissy get serious????  Good point.  Let's say it's time to get seriously sissified..  Make your Resolution List and stick to it.

Here are some suggestions from one who makes resolutions every year.

1.  Leave a comment occasionally on the wonderful blog of Ms. London.
2.  Every day try to find something nice to say to a female
3. Lose weight or get in better shape, especially working on the waist and legs
4. Try to wear more pastels
5. Be more respectful of your betters... you are supposed to be submissive
6. Be more accepting of who and what you are
7. Spend less time searching for porn (good luck on that!)
8. Don't be wanking off unless it is beneficial in some way to another

As for my own...   Well, one is to write more posts on this and other blogs I pen. 

This is also a time for reflection on the year that has left us.  Did you do all you wanted to?  Were there things you could have changed?  What did you learn?  And, is it worth the struggle for the things that you want?  Perhaps the New Year will bring you the answers if you don't already have them.

So, with no more ado... I WISH ALL OF YOU A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Ms. London, signing out...


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I would like to be sissified mistress by you if at all possible. My email is

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