Friday, June 8, 2012


As I have discussed here before, there are those who like to step over the guardrail of common sense and caution, and throw themselves into the murky dark Waters of Threatened Blackmail.  When will they learn, when will they learn...
'If you your lips
Would keep from slips,
Of these five things beware:
Of whom you speak,
To whom you speak,
And how, and when, and where'

So here we have Joe Williams, 36, single,in the construction business, residing in Pittsburgh, PA.  A frequenter of adult book stores,  adult theatres, public bathrooms, and on and on.  Check out the reviews for The Downtown Adult Cinema, Akron, Ohio.  Apparently, Joe is a real movie buff !

Anyway, he wants (does he really?) to cum clean, and be exposed for the deviant submissive that he is.  He acknowledges that he really can't do this on his own, and so has requested I help him 'out''.

Here is a preliminary written confession, authored by Joe Williams.

-  begging for cock in the hallway of an adult bookstore.  I actually had tears in my eyes as I pleaded with every man there to use my holes in whatever way they wanted.
-  paid a female escort to fuck me with a strap on while i watched gay porn
-  licked cum off the floor of a booth in an adult bookstore
-  got bent over a seat in an adult theatre and fucked in front of a small group of men
-  went to a bathhouse with CUMDUMP written on my ass with a sharpie
-  arranged to meet a man from craigs list in a mall parking lot and gave him a blow job in the middle of the day.
-  licked the toilet seats in a truck-stop
-  walked out of a booth and through an adult bookstore with cum all over my face

So, where do I fit in?  I listen, I accept, and I watch him self-destruct.  Reminds me of an article on George Michael, the fantastically good-looking singer of the WHAM years.

Snippets taken from Mailonline 6/8/12
George Michael today spoke candidly of his drug use and cruising for sex with strangers, saying 'it's just who I am'.

The 46-year-old defended 'cottaging' on the Heath, saying it was 'nicer' than picking up men in bars.
'The handful of times a year it's bloody warm enough, I'll do it. I'll do it on a nice summer evening. Quite often there are campfires up there,' he said.
'It's a much nicer place to get some quick and honest sex than standing in a bar, E'd off your tits (high on ecstasy) shouting at somebody and hoping they want the same thing as you do in bed.'
Asked why he cruises for sex when he could get any gay man he wanted, George replied: 'I do get anyone I want. But I like a bit of everything. I have friends up there, I have a laugh.'
  Michael claims that he unashamed about cruising. “I don’t know anybody who actually goes to Hampstead Heath at two o’clock in the morning for anything other than playing about with another member of the human race. If they are there, then they are a little bit strange or they just don’t know the local area. A very large part of the male population, gay or straight, totally understands the idea of anonymous and no-strings sex,” the singer said.

Well, Joe Williams is just who he is too.  He can't change who he is, but he can 'own it' and if owning it means he self-destructs, I'll be around to step over the pieces.  Ouch!

I have encouraged him to put himself on a well-known adult site. Eros is the God of Love.  Don't you find that just too funny?  Love could not be further out of reach than in the web of Eros.  

I am not sure how this will progress, but it will be interesting to see if and how it plays out.

Ms. Londoncalling
p.s. Where in the hell is Rachel?   And, kneel... you got caught (thankfully, through no fault of mine).  Stay in touch, even if it is just to talk it over.


patheticpainpig said...

Wow! Someone even more suicidally minded than me! (I write this in panties, bra and cb3000 - waiting and begging to speak with Ms Beverly, whilst constantly listening out for my unfortunate Fiance who is due back any time now!)

jn said...

Yes, discovered. Like all life changing events things will either come out better on the other end, or worse. That is still up in the air. Don't regret anything! "To thine own self be true!" Where have I heard that before?