Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I have written of this sissy before, and he often answers to the name 'stupid',  I have been talking to him for years, and know his weaknesses (there are many) and strengths (there are few), and over the years he has become more a degenerate sissy than any other I speak to.  I guess that will be his claim to fame.  Anyway, this email was written by him to me, and it goes way back, but I thought I would share it here as it gives some insight into the wannabe cuckold state of mind: the lack of self-confidence, the low self-esteem, the need of humiliation, and obsessive desire to be treated as worthless.

 Dear Mistress Beverly.
I am writing this to explain just why I feel like and know that my beautiful Goddess (xxx) would be much better off if she cuckolded me as I deserve. I am a worthless piece of shit –and certainly do not deserve access to her beautiful pussy and gorgeous tits ever again. In a just and fair world, I would be allowed access only to her arse and feet (and only when I have been exceptionally good)

I have always mostly been submissive in my love making with Goddess (xxx) – and over time she has some to enjoy inflicting pain on me, sitting on me and allowing me to worship her feet. She however has always loved more than anything being held down and fucked – often while being called a slut/whore, having her hair pulled and generally roughed up a bit. I used to do this fairly regularly, but whenever I have tried it over the last 6 months or so, I have not been able top keep it going for the whole session and at some point she has taken over again. She has lost the ability to suspend reality and see me as a dominant Master type figure like she (and most women) crave!
Over the last three months she has become more aware of just how obsessed I am by feet, boots and shoes. She calls me her little foot freak – and at least 9 times out of 10 when I fuck her, she smothers my face with her feet while I cum (especially if I am having trouble getting fully erect) A couple of times recently I have actually cum with all 5 toes of one foot in my mouth!
On top of this I am obsessed with being beaten, degraded, humiliated and I hide this from her and call sex lines to pay women to treat me like this
I am also obsessed with younger women, on the street, in real life and on TV. I am mostly obsessed with the beautiful xxxxx,(I'll leave that name as is (changed to protect the innocent and I was paid to change it!)) Mxxa, Lxxa, Exxy and other friends – and the idea of being enslaved by all of them! 

So – to sum up the reasons why I am worthless – and why the beautiful Goddess xxx, plus young slut xxxx and her friends would all be better off without me are as follows:

I am always submissive and pathetic, never able to deliver what a women really needs and wants.

My willy is small, plus I have a lot of trouble getting and maintaining erections. More and ore now-a-days I need to be roughed up, humiliated and/or smothered with feet before I can become fully aroused.

I spend all of my spare time fantasising about ladies that would never touch me, plus wanking furiously and acting like a complete desperate loser.
I have loads of hidden lingerie, toys and photos.
I am pathetic, worthless and disposable.

Perhaps some of you can relate in some 'small' way to my stupid boy.  Not that being a sissy/cuckold has to be this way.  I don't believe it has to be. But, take a look...  the boy can't help it! 

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